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Thin Flap Lasik Laser Surgery in Delhi

SBK Lasik surgery of the eye is considered top be the most safest, reliable and precise surgical procedure in relation to Lasik surgery of eye. Combined with contoura vision treatment plan, SBK Lasik procedure aims at providing the patient with high degree of vision clarity. The procedure is safe, painless and reliable to treat patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. The procedure is highly appreciate and used by ophthalmic surgeons globally for maintaining and taking care of cornea safety.

SBK Lasik is also known as thin flap Lasik surgery, as a laser is used to create a thin flap in the corneas. Again another laser is used to rectify the cornea or reshape the corneal tissues to correct refractive error and bring in clarity in eyesight. This procedure is also known s the ‘Sub-Bowman keratomileusis’. This procedure is considered to be superior to other conventional forms of lasik surgery, as it is capable of creating very thin flaps measuring up to 90 to 110 microns thickness, saving sustainable amount of corneal tissues. This makes the procedure safer and leads top quick recovery. The best part is that SBK Lasik preserves biocompatibility of the cornea through ultra thin flap creation.

In SBK lasik surgery the thickness of the flap plays a vital role in the fast recovery of the patient. AS the flaps created are thin and uniform in nature, which makes the procedure more reliable and safe for the patients point of view. Here a planar flap with uniformity is created, which is extended below the Bowman’s layer in the cornea.

At Health Touch Eye Hospital, Thin Flap Lasik Laser Surgery in Delhi can be done with various treatment plan such as customized, aspheric or contoura vision in order to give patient various options.